FutureWorks is more than a website. We are local people interacting with local job seekers. Our purpose is to get your openings in front of the right people. We also assist people in building their skill sets to meet the needs of your business. FutureWorks offers your company a variety of recruitment options ranging from large job expos, to on site recruitment options for individual companies. We are your resource for meeting your staffing needs. Our mission is to support the needs of you, our business customer.

In our most recent fiscal year 667 businesses were served by FutureWorks Career Center. These companies listed 3,316 openings with us. We had 2,500 of our job seekers report they found work. Whether you list online or attend one of our recruiting events, your company's needs are in front of people actively looking for work. Our job expos draw about 40 companies and 200-300 job seekers to our three-hour event. We are now offering Virtual Job Expos that combine our recruiting power with two radio stations, social media, video and texting. Providing recruiting options that give excellent value and respect your time is what we do.

Metrics from last night’s WONDERFUL job fair… We received 35 applications. Out of the 35, I will be scheduling interviews with 25 of them!!!!! Thank you for all of your help and support! You’re awesome!!!
— Heather Rose, Director Human Resources, Springfield Partners for Community Action