Help Your Staff Make The Transition

Telling your people they no longer have a job is never easy. Emotions mingle with financial concerns which can lead to a loss of direction and hope for those affected by a lay-off.  Provide your people with the support they need during this critical time while meeting the needs of your business. You can also learn about lay-off aversion services below.


Supporting Your Company

The Massachusetts Department of Career Services' Rapid Response Team provides statewide, early intervention, and no-cost re-employment services for companies and their employees affected by lay-offs and closings.  By working with Rapid Response, you can expect:

  • A quick  response to your transition planning needs.
  • Information about alternatives that could possibly lessen the impact of a layoff.
  • Information to even avoid the layoff altogether.
  • Pre-layoff services designed to help workers shorten their transition time.
  • Assistance in preparing affected workers to find new employment.
  • Information about the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN) and plant closing laws

Learn more from your local representative of the Rapid Response Team.

Filing Unemployment

Your staff will have questions regarding how to file for unemployment compensation.  The process has been modernized and may have changed since your people filed in the past. Providing some basic information will help make things easier.