We Can Help You with Computer Skills

Computer Classes Offered

  • Introduction to the Computer
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • How to Apply On-Line
  • Using "Cloud" Storage
  • Using Your USB/Flash Drive
  • Creating a LinkedIn Account
  • Creación Del Resume
  • Aplicaciones en Línea
  • What’s LMI?
  • Microsoft Word: Introduction ($5), Microsoft Word 2 ($15), Microsoft Word 3 ($15)
  • Microsoft Excel: Introduction ($15), Formats ($15), Charts ($15), Functions ($15), Database Features ($15) Data Analysis ($15).
  • Microsoft Powerpoint: Introduction ($15), Continue Building ($15)

Resource Videos

Computer Class Schedule

Computer Class Schedule for September 2018

To register for classes, see a complete class schedule, or to answer any questions you may have about the registration process, visit our Front Desk.  You need to be a FutureWorks member to use our services.

For details about classes (CONTENT AND PREREQUISITES), call Sharon Benoit, Computer Training Specialist at (413) 858-2808.

Learn more about computer class information and policies here.

Check out some helpful videos on our YouTube Channel.  This is just a sampling of the type of help we can provide!

“I wish I knew a long time ago of many of the items we learned. It would have saved me hours/days and perhaps years of frustration, and I would have ended up with a much better product! I hope I’m fortunate enough to have Sharon as the presenter in future trainings. She is a wonderful, patient instructor.
— Melanie, West Springfield